The Prosecution for the Offended!

When I work, and yes I do that sometimes, I like to listen to comedy. Sometimes it’s a recorded sketch comedy kind of day with Python or Derek & Clive. Other days it’s musical comedy with the likes of Steven Lynch or classic Steve Allen. Sometimes, if I’m feeling a slight bit out of touch with the youngsters I’ll dive into that cutting edge Bob Newhart, Don Rickles or Bob Hope that all th young kids are raving about down at the soda fountain. Today was not one of these days.

Today while doing super exciting tasks, I thought I would try to seek out some stand up I haven’t heard before. So I headed over to grooveshark and I typed in “stand up comedy” and selected the first comedian I recognised. From there I check the “suggested artists” field and find someone I don’t know, or someone I know but haven’t heard all of their stuff, and start my creative journey. First album I found was Marc Maron’s “Tickets Still Available.” A fantastic little album…I highly suggest it. From there I clicked on someone’s name…can’t recall and can’t be bothered to check my history, and his opening line was “look at this stupid looking cunt in the front row.” Right off the bat…the dude put me off. He started going on about 9/11 and how if people looked at it correctly it was a good thing…and I turned it off. Obviously a comedian that is just going to use shock tactics to get uneasy laughs and “make you think.” Not interested.

Found another name and started listening and the first joke was ok, second one a bit weak, and then he started launching into religion….like an atheist on the internet. Just raving and raving with no jokes. CLICK…gone.

This time, things are getting a bit bleak for “new stuff” so I think I’ll check on an old favourite when I see another name that I don’t know. So I give myself the “try one more before ditching” pep talk and click on him. The guy starts off the show with your classic racist stereotype jokes and the audience is clearly uncomfortable but laughing so they don’t get singled out and humiliated.

ENOUGH, my brain screams, FIND SOMETHING GOOD! So I click on to Gilbert Gottfried. Now, I love Gilbert, he’s a legend. When you see his squinty face shuffle up to the podium at a Celebrity know it’s going to be offensive and hilarious.

So I’m listening to the master of the “Aristocrats” joke go, and he’s laying it on hard and thick. He’s using profanities like Leonardo, the painter not the ninja turtle, used paint. It was a hilarious, and amazingly productive, hour and half and when it was over and I went to the office kitchenette to make a cup of tea and stretch my legs I thought…..why do I have no problem with Gilbert talking horribly and I get turned off and can’t listen to other “edgy” comics when they start doing it.

And then it hit me….cause Gilbert has written jokes. Sure he’s offensive, sure he’s crude, and uses language that would make Steven J. Whiteley (dude even makes it into my blogs!) blush. But he uses it around strangely well thought out jokes. He’s not just saying it to say it…he’s using it on a level of poetry.

I understand not everyone thinks this way. I also understand that there are a lot of comedians that will have one or two jokes and then think because they have a microphone they can start telling you how they feel the world is and how they could fix it and how blah blah blah… If you are a comedian and you want your audience to think more than laugh….I disagree with you. If you are a comedian that uses shock tactics to get laughs instead of jokes…I disagree with you.

IF you are a filthy as fuck comedian that offends but makes me pee a little with your well crafted jokes. I fuckin’ applaud you!

“What is comedy” is so different to different people. But I 100% believe that if you actually tried to make a joke nothing is off limits. It might not get a laugh…but you tried. If you are on stage to lecture me without a punchline…I won’t even remember your name to write in my shitty little blog. So endith my sermon.

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