Album Review: Schoolfight’s Curse Of Work

What were you doing a year ago? Do you remember? Was it slaving away at work? Perhaps sitting on the couch watching the latest season of “Breaking Bad” wondering about the rumour you heard that the next season was the last and you couldn’t guess how it was going to end?

From that long description a good number of you are probably thinking that was me. And you would be wrong. I was watching Dexter. NO! Also incorrect, however, as I was sitting in my office at the LNS Studios (real name 31 Digital Studios) being handing a CD by one of my best friends.

This was a special day for me as I had seen this album be crafted and struggled with for almost five years at the time. That man was Whitey and that album was Schoolfight – Curse of Work.

I had met Whitey through a TV show I produced for 31 Digital called “Daniel Smith 180” where he was a sidekick and we became mates. Through new shows and real life crossroads we remained friends and while I always knew he was a musician I never really knew how good until he started to share with me some of his demo work. I was hooked.

I won’t go through our complete history or the making of the album; I’ll save that for another medium. But never the less, one year ago, a fresh off the press copy was handed to me and I couldn’t wait. I didn’t want to play it while the man was in front of me. I didn’t want to have to give him some bullshit “Yeah, man, this is great.” I wanted to get a real impression of the album and then give him my reaction.

So after some small talk and a few future plans made, Whitey left and I popped in the CD and BOOM! Like a force I couldn’t control my head started to bop to the opening lines of “Cold Devin.” And I don’t think my head has stopped bopping. I immediately loaded the songs onto my MP3 Player and had it blasting in the car on the way home. While stuck in stand still traffic I just had to text him. I don’t have the exact text, but it was something along the lines of “This is no bullshit, this is one of the greatest albums I have ever heard and I’m so fucking proud of you.” There was a lot of traffic.

I’m a fickle music listener. I load my MP3 player and three weeks later I’ll clean it off and load a whole bunch of other things on it, even though in this day in age my MP3 player can hold my whole music collection. But four albums NEVER leave my player. Huey Lewis & the News Greatest Hits (Don’t judge me,) Queen Live At Wembley 1986, Motorhead Ace of Spades and Schoolfight – Curse of Work.

That might not mean anything to you, but that’s big my book. This album is timeless, it has songs that make you feel good, make you dance, make you laugh and a few that attack ALL OF THE FEELS!

If you can listen to Robots and NOT groove out, if you can listen to Neighbourhood Psycho and not laugh, listen to My Words and not get upset at the story, or listen to Song for jess and not long for your special someone…..fuck you! You’re a human stone and I don’t want to know you.

Now, this isn’t your usual album review were the writer talks about the mix and the bass lines and what not. I can’t talk about that shit cause I don’t even really know what the hell I just typed in that sentence. But I know when an album is shit, when it is good, when it is great, and when it is legendary. Curse of work first in the latter. It is legendary, just like the guys that made the music.

So here it is a year on from the release of this CD and the world waits with baited breath for the next one to drop but let’s reflect on the gold given and not the gold promised.

Here’s to you Schoolfight. Raise your copy of Curse of Work and thank the music gods that in a world that can actually make bullshit like Justin Beiber and One Direction, there is a group of guys like Schoolfight getting together and making REAL music. Real fucking good music. Love you guys.

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