18: Hot Steaming Pod Is Born…Without Whitey

This week sees the title of “The Late Lunch Show” be put to rest, rest well sweet prince.  From it’s ashes comes the HOT. STEAMING. POOOOOOOOD!  It was going to be a celebration of all things Bobbi, Whitey, and Scott….but Whitey was caught “on the wind” and could be part of it.  But still a laugh till your sides hurt pod with Bobbi and Scott talking about the strange things that are uttered during sex and things that will become obsolete within 15 years.  And what should NOT become retro cool again when we are old buggers.  Laughs were had, farts ripped and pooh jokes made.  All in a days work for a large frothing cup of HOT. STEAMING. POD!


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