ABC Digitial Blackspot Links for 26 October 2014

So on this BlackSpot we continued on with the things that go bump in the night as we lead up to Halloween. This week we want to talk about and share some of the unexplained that have been captured on tape. We are going to talk ghosts, Bigfoot and ET. Some of this stuff maybe scary for younger audiences so parents, might need to take the kiddies for a walk as it’s about to get a little real on your ABC.


Below are the links/videos that were discussed:

Ghost Box – Talking To Dad
Strangely, this video was deleted. WHAT?!?! But here is the channel for the provider:

EVP – Demon in the basement

Bigfoot – Yells at nightArea 51 – Ex-CIA talks about what he saw there

Fire in the Sky – Travis Walton talks about his abduction

Detour of the week (Which did not make the broadcast):


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