70: Be a Dude-Bro, not a Douche-Bro!

Welcome to the 70th Hot Steaming Pod, brought to you by our BRAND NEW SHIRTS!  This episode brings Biggy, Alana, and Scott around to the HOT-POD-ETHICAL (hypothetical) as we discuss what three historical figures we would battle to the death…without changing time.  We also discuss the following subjects from reddit.com/r/AskReddit:

  1. What is a significant historical event that would make a great TIFU (Today I F**KED UP) post?
  2. If your life were a sitcom what would be the running gag?
  3. What fictional character’s death hit you the hardest?
  4. What’s that one little thing that your partner / friend does that makes you smile like an idiot?
  5. What is the closet you have ever been to a famous historical event?

Also, here are the companion links to other discussed items in the “I learned something this week” segment:

Alana:  Black Bear Lodge Sessions

Biggy:  Pineapples ARE EXPLODING!!

Scott:  Play classic videos games for FREE in your browser!


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