Just do it already….

So it has almost been four months since I last suited up and hosted “The Late Nite Show” and it’s been very interesting. I always knew that the distance between z-grade local television celebrity and relative obscurity was short but I didn’t realise that it would be travelled so quickly.

Don’t read into this.  I don’t regret it.  It has allowed me to focus on what I actually want to say to the world without the limitations of what the show was.  Some weeks I didn’t want to talk about politics.  Local or international.  The advantage of NEVER having to look at TMZ or any celebrity gossip pages for monologue fodder when there is a slow actual news week is the been a personal favorite.

The one thing that I do miss though is the easy audience.  When you are a writer or a podcaster you have to find the audience.  When you just a schmuck with a TV show people find you easy enough.  There are some other things I miss of course, but there is a longer list of things I don’t miss.  Suiting up in a hot studio is one of them!

So what am I trying to get at?  I feel like that I’m on the cusp of achieving what it is I actually want to do with myself.  When you are in this position you can’t help but feel nervous or even scared.  And that’s ok.

Being a dad has taught me a lot of things, one being I know a lot more swear words than I actually use.  (Note:  All swear words are said in my head and only when I tread on a piece of Lego or action figure.)  Over Christmas my son was given a metric shit ton of Lego (That’s a measurement right?  I’m still learning the metric system).  Watching him put it together and occasionally helping him I was fascinated to see that when he didn’t get it right he didn’t chuck it in or say “Dad, I can’t do it.”  He would let out a sigh take the mistaken piece off and try again.

Now, I don’t know if I’m looking for a personal Buddha or even trying to find meaning is a simple case of a kid really liking Lego, but I took something away from that.  It’s all about finding the fit that makes what you want work.  That and you can get the flat parts off with your teeth.  That might be reaching.

This all happens to coincide with the hundreds of New Year’s posts I’ve been seeing on social media and people hoping 2015 is their year, or at the very least better than last year.  The sheer number of “this year (insert annoying thing in my life) changes!” is only outnumbered by the posts of those people falling STRAIGHT back into whatever annoying thing that was days later.  Why do we wait for a magic date to help us “get going?”  Why not just do it right now?

I’ve wanted to blog more, but I’ve always been writing for other people.  Well, I’m doing it now.  We are going to be kicking the podcasts off with bigger and better things and I feel that this is going to be the best time for Late Nite Media to fly or fail.

It’s going to be a fun journey.  I hope you come a long with me.  And maybe we’ll learn some new swear words along the way.

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