87: To the hilt!

Alana is away this week, but we have TWO special guests to help fill the team.  Comedian Jacob Lingard from The Dead Jesters Podcast and musician Phil M join the madness!  This week we discuss the sad passing of Leonard Nimoy, what other celebrity death affected us and the following maddening topics!

  1. Who is the single most globally recognizable human who ever lived? Excluding Jesus.
  2. What is the most fucked up secret somebody has ever told you?
  3. Which historical quote benefits the most from having the word “bitch” added to it?
  4. If you were a super villain known for committing a single type of petty crime, what would your name and crime be?
  5. What is something everyone should try naked?

Join the conversation and send us your answers to @HotSteamingPod!  Check out Jacob, Phil and Biggy on Twitter!  Rate and review us on iTunes or Stitcher, take a screen grab and send it to us to get a free Hot Steaming Pod sticker and fridge magnet.



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