Let’s do this 2017

Today, I was shopping.  I know, I live the rock’n’roll lifestyle that many only dream of.  I was shopping at Aldi (discount supermarket for those in countries without one) and the guy that was ringing up my goods and said: “I’m going to ask you something a bit strange.”


If you ever think that it’s a good idea to start a conversation that way.  Don’t.  I’ll be “way too much information” type honest to say my bum hole puckered right up.


“Ok,” I say still puckering.

“Did you used to have a TV show on Briz31?” he asked.

Phew!  Unpucker.  “Yeah, I did,” I sighed happily that I wasn’t about to be kidnapped and my organs sold to the highest bidder.

“Man, I loved that show.  You guys were hilarious.  You should do something else.” He said handing me my receipt.

I smiled and walked away, and I was thinking.  Man, he’s right I should.  It’s been over two years since I stopped doing The Late Nite Show with Scott Black and I hadn’t done a podcast for almost nine months.  I’m starting to get itchy.

The TV show ending was one thing.  My time at Briz31 was coming to an end, and it felt right to close the show on 200 episodes on the eve of my birthday.  The podcast “going on hiatus” was more out of my hands.  Alana and Joe, two of the greatest co-hosts a man could ask for, moved away and Biggy is doing Biggy things.  I don’t have a lot of what some people call friends, and not being out doing comedy as I choose to stay home with the kids I wasn’t looking to make any soon.

So, I tried the podcast on my own.  They were bad.  I mean, REALLY, bad.  NO, don’t go listen to them just take my word for it.  I’ve had some ideas for videos on the YouTube channel and the like, but I’ve been putting a lot of my effort into writing scripts to pitch around, so my energy for that has come to a stop.

This ends now.  The podcast is coming back as a two-man show for the moment.  My best friend Ashe and I will be bringing back The Hot Steaming Pod in a few weeks.  I’m excited.  I’m also going to making some new Late Nite Show-ish videos for the YouTube channel.  Some of them are going to be with my son who wants to be a YouTuber so that should be a lot of fun.

2016 was the year that I folded myself and Late Nite Media in on its self and build a foundation.  Now it’s time to actually kick it into drive.  There will be more blogging and, boy, don’t I have some things to say about President Trump.  The podcast is coming back and more fun things for everyone to enjoy.  Or not.  I’m more making them for me, but hope you, whoever you are, come along for the ride.

Until we meet again.

Love, peace, and chicken grease.

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